Organic Basic is a local brand established in Singapore on 09.09.09 from a simple faith – in Nature, and the potent qualities of natural ingredients.  Pioneered by Tracy S.H.L, obtained an International Cidesco Diploma and CIBTAC is the founder, owner and director of Organic Basic. 

In the quest to realize her dream and vision to create and develop premier affordable basic daily care products range from skin care, toiletries, beauty that have the efficacy of premium, salon-grade products.  Organic Basic premier 100% Botanical products comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and are generally safe for use by pregnant women, children, and cancer patient, people with eczema or psoriasis and sensitive skin. Our products are mainly made in New Zealand because of its natural, beautiful, fresh, clean, safe and green environment.

Organic Basic is committed to the practice of “Reuse-Reduce-Recycle”.   We design and create products that help to save the earth wherever possible.  We strive to develop skin care with most natural organic ingredients as possible to provide a great skin experience for you and our precious environment. 

In year 2013’s Parents Best Products & Services ORGANIC Competition,

Organic Basic achieved two awards.  Our Family Love We Care Range was awarded the “Best of The Best in Family Well-Being” as well as our Rozen Moist Brightening range was awarded the “Best of The Best in Brightening Skin Care. 

With a heart to serve the community, we continuously strive to make our products affordable and aspire to share the gifts of health and knowledge with everyone.

Our next vision is to franchise our Organic Basic brand locally and overseas.

Our Core Value

Organic Basic derives its name “BASIC”with these core value~ Best, Affordable, Safe, Innovative, and Care” 

Best products, made in 100% natural plant based ingredients

Affordable quality products

Safe products for pregnant women, children, and cancer patient, people with eczema or psoriasis and sensitive skin

Innovative products bring new creation and new experience 

Care for community and environment