La Clinica is a cosmeceutical skin care line with a focus on visible results, efficacy, safety and organic ingredients.  Its luxurious, high performance products cater to all skin types and conditions.  

It aims to target and focus on each and every problem skin conditions, providing beneficial and quality skin and body care products, which promise safe and effective results.

Our therapists can advise you on a facial treatment addressing your specific skin concerns.



All LA CLINICA’s products are made and developed in Australia and uses only certify organic ingredients. The brand’s own certified organic manufacturing facility and strict ingredient policy assure us that we can expect nothing more than safe and beneficial skincare products that we can trust to put on our skin.


Facial Operating Hours 

Monday – Thursday      : 10am to 6pm* (By Appointment only)

Friday                         : closed

Sat – Sun                    : 10am to 6pm* (By Appointment only)

*  Advance booking required.  Last facial appointment at 7pm


First Time Trial

Purchase this limited edition deal from the month of April onwards! 

Trial Customised Facial Treatment – 1 hour           S$78.00

Customised Trial Facial treatment is customised to individual needs so each client gets the best possible solution to their beauty woes.  Our sixty minute facial begins with a calming and relaxing shoulder and back massage that gives you an overall sense of relaxation and well being. It includes skin analysis and consultation.

*Only valid for first time customers        
*For reservation kindly call 6280 1870 and quote "La Clinica  First Time Trial" 

Please refer our pricing below for our La Clinica Facial Treatment.



Sensitive Skin Facial – 60mins to 1 hour 30mins                             $96* - $120.00

 “calm & relieve irritated & sensitive skin conditions”                                                    

What Skin Type?

For skin that is prone to redness, irritation, flakiness, inflammation, itchiness and delydration.  Suitable for sensitive skin conditions  include rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema.  Ideal as a post laser or post procedure facial.


Clear Skin Facial – 60 mins to 1 hour  30 mins                                $88* - $120.00

 “delivers results to combat acne, pimples & acne scarring”                                                

What Skin Type:

For oily, acne and pustular skin that is in need of deep cleansing and clarifying.


Ionic Purification Mineral Facial – 60 mins to 1 hr 30min $88 - $120.00                              

What Skin Types:

For congested skin with blockages and blackheads.  Ideal if skin is in need  of extractions during facial.  Ideal for smoker’s skin, dull and lifeless complexions.  Can be used on all skin types except couperose and sensitive


Rebalancing Vitamin A Spa Facial – 60 mins to 30 mins                 $88* - $120.00

“rebalance & restore radiance to skin”

What Skin Type:

Combination skin as well as other skin types, except sensitive skin. Will benefit skin in need of rebalancing.  Ideal to have a series of these treatments during your detox regime.


Marine Radiance Facial – 60 mins to 1 hour 30 mins                    $115* - $144.00

What Skin Type:

All skin types, especially combination skin, dehydrated skin, especially dull, lifeless skin that is in need of tonic.  This stimulating oxygenating treatment is ideal as a series for the bride-to-be.


 Anti Ageing Hydra Restore Facial – 60 mins to 1 hour 30mins  

 “directly targets & helps prevent the early signs of ageing”                               

 $115* - $144.00

What Skin Type:

All skin types showing signs of dehydration, over 25’s, dry and flaky. Ideal as a skin maintenance facial to have between treatments such as GLY C peels.


Firming Lift Biommetic Restructuring Facial – 60 min to 1 hr 30 min               $144* - $180.00  

 “counter-act loss of skin tone & advanced signs of ageing”

What Skin Type:

This collagen treatment is ideal for skin that is showing signs of deline in firmness, hydration and elasticity levels.  Can be used on all skin types, even very sensitive.


Rejuva Repair Helixer Facial–60 min to 1 hr 30 min $144 - $180.00                               

What Skin Type?

Can be used on all skin types, all ages, including very sensitive.


Gly C Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment Facial – 1hour                   $120.00

For skin that needs an instant glow, Pigmented, Sun Damaged & Scarred Skin.

This intense treatment is a magic cocktail for the skin. Our three step exfoliation refines the skins appearance and minimises the visible signs of aging.


Treatments for pigmented, sun-damaged, scarred skin types, uneven, sun-damaged, scarred skin.


Skin may have many fine lines, milia, blackheads, enlarged pores, acne pitting, melasma, pigmentation and uneven skin colouring. This skin type can be a result of environmental damage (sun exposure), chemical damage (medication resulting in photos-sensitivity) acne scarring, neglect and genetic predisposition. Try using our Gly C 1st Stage Kit plus GLY C Micro Dermabration Facial.


Back Facial – 60 mins to 1 hour 30mins                                        $99* - $120.00   
Includes extractions & mask.